Boiling Point preview: The Boiler

We have three days left! boiler-webIn this preview, we look at one section of the base. The Boiler served as the home of the hero Hot Water.  This base was constructed using the Ideal’s Build-a-Base system and was designed by Hot Water for his personal use and as a gathering place for Ideal members around the Atlantic Ocean. Hot Water dubbed the facility “The Boiler”. It is a small facility consisting of two major sections joined by a tram system built into the ocean floor. Section One consists of a meeting room, a communications monitoring center, and guest accommodations. Section Two is primary power and the vehicle hangar for any arriving members.
The facility is currently under Selachius control, but only just recently. Their efforts to seize the base have been hampered considerably by the octobots which inhabit the Boiler but increasing numbers have allowed the shark invaders to push in far enough to establish a foothold on the far side of the tram system and take control of the communications hub. The octobots have been scattered, some are still holed up in the hangar, others are hiding in the tram system, and some are in Section One, beyond the communication room.

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Boiling Point Preview: The Hound at the Door

hound-webTake a look at our Kickstarter now! In our fourth preview of Boiling Point, we look at the guardian of the dimensional rift. This spirit is the bound guardian of the Selachius’ rift. It will only be encountered if the players descend into the rift cavern itself or if the players begin attempt to either realign or drop the generator. Defeating it is essential to closing the rift forever.  Thanks to Patsy McDowell for the amazing artwork!

Alien: Guardian Of The Alien Rift
Villainous Past: Bound By Dark Magic
Conviction: Enslaved Ghost Of A Dead World
Complication: No Peace In Death

Spirit of Torment and Vengeance: 20 skill points
Power Tier: Godlike
Dodge + Unusual, Move + Unusual, Strike, Notice, Shooting + Spray, Stealth + Unusual
Snag [Major]: Only work in close proximity to the rift
Description: As a being from beyond the veil of death, the Hound is intangible causing attacks to simply pass through it. Likewise it is not restrained by gravity, flying as it will through open space. Should be desire it can vanish, becoming invisible. Unluckily for others it is able to manipulate the mortal world, imparting kinetic force either from a distance or in close proximity. For all of its power, however, it is bound to the rift and is unable to move more than a short distance away from it. It can only interact with entities in the cavern or in the generator room
Strength of Death: 5 skill points
Power Tier: Godlike
Stress Capacity [Health], Willpower, Environment [Aquatic], Menace, Physical Force
Complication [Minor]: No peace in death
Description: Dark magic binds the Hound together, lending it great strength of will and arm as well as resilience to damage. Though it no longer has its body, it maintains its form and finds the undersea world easy to move about. However this strength isn’t a desired quality: the Hound is enslaved and knows no peace.