New PDF Releases: Masks of Chaos and Cosplay

Base-Raiders-Masks-of-Chaos.Cover-DrivethruTwo new PDF supplements for Base Raiders have been released! Both are available on DrivethruRPG and the Base Raiders store.

Masks of Chaos ($1.99)

Like everything else, crime has changed in the post-Ragnarok world, but it has not disappeared. Even though the most notorious costumed villains have all gone, a new generation of evildoer has filled in the void. A new syndicate called MISCHIEF has appeared. A multionational gang of thieves and killers, MISCHIEF has a unique ace up their sleeve: the Masks of Chaos.

Each Mask of Chaos grants tremendous supernatural power instantly to anyone that wears it. MISCHIEF agents uses the Masks to rob banks and assassinate crime bosses, any heist or contract that pays enough. No one knows who leads MISCHIEF or where they found the Masks they currently use. Other Masks are still hidden, buried in ancient tombs in distant corners of the Earth.

This supplement covers the history of the Masks of Chaos, MISCHIEF as a criminal organization, with stats for MISCHIEF agents, plus how to create and use the Masks in your Base Raiders game. Check out an Actual Play that uses MISCHIEF!

Base-Raiders-Cosplay-Cover-DrivethruNew Teams: Cosplay ($1.99)
By Colin Thompson

Cosplay is a new team of heroic Base Raiders usable as pregenerated player characters, NPC allies, or rivals. Each member of Cosplay has plot hooks that could be used in your next Base Raiders games:

  • Saber Antimony: A Japanese magical school girl who fought demonically possessed beings in Tokyo. She disappeared for a long time, only to resurface now. How did she escape Ragnarok? Why is she raiding bases? Is she the real Saber or an imposter? No one knows…yet!
  • Pretty Soldier: A talented Russian power armor pilot equipped with a unique suit of armor built with alien technology. Is she in control of the armor or is it?
  • The Chosen One: The little brother of a missing superhero takes up his cause. He has incredible telekinetic powers but also believes in his own hype too much. He literally believes he is the Hero with a Thousand Faces, which gets him into trouble quite often.

This supplement also contains information on how to use Cosplay in your game and Saber Antimony’s arch-nemesis, The Darkness That Dwells. An ancient evil returning to menace humanity, the Darkness that Dwells can possess humans or animals, turning them into savage monsters.

New PDF Releases: Death Traps Volume 1 and Avalon’s Ideal

Base-Raider-Death-Traps-Volume-1-Cover-DrivethruWe are happy to announce the release of two new PDFs for Base Raiders! (Well, one was recently a while ago, but I forgot to update this website)

Death Traps: Volume 1 ($3.99): What’s a base without a good death trap or three? Written by Base Raiders author Ross Payton and Caleb Stokes of Hebanon Games, Death Traps Volume 1 is a collection of five unique death traps is perfect for any Base Raiders game. It  can also be used in nearly any Fate powered system. From the high tech threat of sentry turrets and shrink rays to the mystical security of the Vigil, there’s something to challenge any group of Base Raiders!

Volume 1 contains game mechanics and background descriptions for:

  • Sentry Turrets: Miniguns to Plasma cannons!
  • The Vigil: A community of mystically compelled guardians.
  • Build-A-Base Bombs: Nanoswarms can build bases AND dissassemble thieves at the same time!
  • Gritty Gas: Bio-engineered weapon that amplifies physical and emotional trauma.
  • Shrink Rays: No bonus strength, just an incredible reduction in size. Can it be reversed? Who knows!

Purchase Death Traps: Volume 1 at the Base Raiders store or on DrivethruRPG.

Base-Raiders-Avalons-Ideal-drivethruNew Teams: Avalon’s Ideal ($1.99): Not all antagonists are villains. Some are misguided heroes. A group of devoted fans to a missing superhero attempt to live up to their idol by putting on super hero costumes, taking dangerous super soldier drugs, and hitting the streets to fight crime. Too bad those illegal super soldier drugs are expensive, so they take to raiding abandoned bases so they can afford to power up. They want to do good but they can’t separate the heroes from the villains.

Avalon’s Ideal presents a rival team of base raiders who are trying to live up to the standards of the superhero Avalon. By giving themselves superpowers and assembling a team of devoted fans, they think they can fill the gap left by the missing hero. They are mostly untrained and have rather dogmatic views about good and evil. They could become fanatical zealots or great heroes, depending on who they meet and how they are treated.

This supplement stats out the three leaders of the team and gives an adventure seed, showing how they can be used. If you need more antagonists to throw at your players in a Base Raiders game, look no further!

Listen to the Base Raiders actual play The Wild Hunt to hear how they can be used.

Purchase New Teams: Avalon’s Ideal at the Base Raiders store or on DrivethruRPG.

Written by Kyle Carty of Rollplay Studios.

More Base Raiders from the RPPR Forums

The members of the RPPR community have created a lot of great material for Base Raiders. Check out some of these creations. If you want to see more, read the thread.

high-schoolersFrom FHRegulus, a trio of high school player characters:

Claude Spencer: Resident rich pretty boy, Claude loves the finer things (including flying and boating) and made sure to buy a gross amount of random, hi-tech doodads that might help the group in the base.

Carmine “Big Time” Azzarello: The loveable Carmine runs a fairly large supers dedicated blog. Due to his love of superheroes and the internet he heard about “base raiding” well before most people did. Equipped with some rations, a baseball bat, a headset camera, and a replica domino mask Carmine wants nothing more than to “accidentally” become a superhuman.

Uisce “Fish” Beatha (Pronounced Ish-kay): Carmine and Claude don’t know what Uisce is. Despite knowing this person for their entire lives no one has ever asked if Uisce is a he or a she. Growing up in a large, criminally-oriented Irish family taught Uisce a lot about lockpicking, sneaking around, and shooting. Uisce pocketed his/her father’s .38 revolver before heading out to meet at the base.