Conversion Guides for Boiling Point now available

BP-selachiusIf you want to use Boiling Point in another game system, now you can. The author, Peter Nielsen, has written conversion guides for 3 very popular superhero RPG systems: Wild Talents, Mutants and Masterminds, and Savage Worlds. Download the PDFs by clicking on the links below. They will also be linked on the Boiling Point page.

Download the Mutants and Masterminds Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

Download the Savage Worlds Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

Download the Wild Talents Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

New Superpowers: Vintage Villainy

Base-Raiders-Vintage-Villainy-cover-drivethruIf you’re looking for new gadgets for players to loot, try out our newest PDF supplement: Vintage Villainy!

Back in the old days, costumed villains didn’t need cybernetic implants or super soldier drugs to rob a bank or beat a masked vigilante. Ray guns and room sized machines filled with vacuum tubes got the job done! These old machines could defy the laws of physics, but were forgotten by 1960, left to rust in abandoned lairs and hideouts. A few grave robbing base raiders have rediscovered the old tech and discovered that these decades-old machines could remotely deactivate vehicles, turn its user invisible, or disintegrate enemies. Soon enough, vintage super-gadgets made an appearance in the black market.

This supplement covers the history of vintage super gadgets, new rules to create them, and 7 new vintage gadgets. It also includes a new strange skill, the Art of Haphazard Fighting, and a new trap, The Labyrinth Lair.