Conversion Guides for Boiling Point now available

BP-selachiusIf you want to use Boiling Point in another game system, now you can. The author, Peter Nielsen, has written conversion guides for 3 very popular superhero RPG systems: Wild Talents, Mutants and Masterminds, and Savage Worlds. Download the PDFs by clicking on the links below. They will also be linked on the Boiling Point page.

Download the Mutants and Masterminds Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

Download the Savage Worlds Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

Download the Wild Talents Conversion Guide for Boiling Point (PDF)

Pariah short story now available for purchase

Pariah coverPariah follows two novice base raiders, Emily, and Edge-Cutter, as they attempt to break into an abandoned base hidden in New York City. Unfortunately, a group of corrupt feds are trying to loot the base before they do. Emily will have to push her new psychic powers to their limit to survive, but is she prepared for what’s inside the base? I’ve uploaded it to Amazon and Smashwords as a 99 cent ebook. If you’ve already read and enjoyed Pariah, consider reviewing it on Amazon’s website.