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Fan-Made Characters: Dr. Doomsday and The Psychic

Occult SCIENCE!Special thanks to Claive from the RPPR Forums for sending these awesome characters in!

Dr. Doomsday Device

Group Affiliation: Team Delta


Super-Genius: Talent Borrows, Genius Steals, Super-Genius turns it into a death ray.
Villainous Past: One of Omegas outdated “backup” clones.
Conviction: Prepare humanity for the coming storm, at any cost.
Conviction: My only limits are my own ambition and hubris.
Complication [Major]: Not the FBIs most wanted, but you’re on all the same lists
Aspect: Laws only apply to the masses and I am above them.
Aspect: My finger is on THE switch!
Aspect: You think you are a supervillain?! *mauahahahahaha*You are mediocre at best.

Skills: 30/30
Good (+3): Third Degree Doctorate from the University of Omega [ S ] Fair (+2): Stealth
Average (+1): Academics, Alertness, Athletics, Presence, Doomsday Device [G]

Base Refresh  (8 spent)

Unique and Strange Skills:

Third Degree Doctorate from the University of Omega
Power Tier: Superhuman (-2 refresh)
Conviction: My only limits are my own ambition and hubris.
Examine, Information, Research (3-2), Security, Notice (2-1), Transport (1), Dismantle, Repair, Craft, Workspace (4)(2) Willpower (1)
Cost: 14 skill points (11 trappings, 5 connections, -2 drawback)
Description: You are a mad scientist, not a doctor.

Doomsday Device
Power Tier: Godlike (-6 refresh)
Brawl + Zone + Zone + Zone + Variable (Session)(only to be used to define the kind of WMD)
Menace + Zone + Zone + Unusual: will spread by word of mouth.
Major Delay:
Complication [Major]: Not the FBIs most wanted, but you’re on all the same lists
Snag (Minor): For the Menace trapping to function, those to be affected must understand what it is they are looking at or witness the destruction or its aftermath.
Snag (Minor): Variable Effect is only used to add an extra that specifies the kind of WMD it is.
Focus (Minor)
Cost: 6 skill points (2 trappings, 0 connections, 13 Extras, -9 drawback)
Description:  You collect doomsday devices.  You carry a small one (really more of a WMD than a DDD) around with you in your suitcase.  People who discover what it is you are carrying tend to run away as fast as they are able, not that it would save them if you flipped THE SWITCH!  It costs a fate point to set off the weapon.  The weapon always has a one minute timer, it is unlikely that you could get away in time if the weapon went off.

The Psychic

It all comes down to the fact that, deep down everyone truly wants to be a villain, whether they want to admit it or not.  They want the freedom to do what they want without having to bend a knee to the throne of public opinion.  They dream of rebellion in their heart of hearts and that dream is always there, just out of reach.  You want to punch that one boss that just can’t stop talking or stand up to that bully or talk to that one person you have your eye on but you can’t… you feel that you shouldn’t… you would have to face the consequences of those choices.  That’s why you have always wanted to be a villain… it means that you whatever you want and never have to say you’re sorry.

As a child your hero was a psychic villain. No one but you even remembers his name now.  You would always listen to the radio when there were super battle warnings hoping that it would be them and that they would win for once.

You dreamed of becoming like your (anti) hero, of developing psychic talent but you live  in a world where the “good guys’” psychics can detect a low level psychic practicing from across the globe, teleport to their location and “fix” them so they can never be psychic again….  All of the news shows said so.  It seemed to  pay to use discretion or… prudence.

Years ago you had read all of the “how to” manuals, watched all the interviews with psychic villains or their henchmen, but you never tried to develop any powers, who would?  Without a villain “shielding” you during training there isn’t any chance you would get away with it and all their henchmen seem to be low level guys who burn out or get caught and then get “burned out.”

When you heard that the heroes had disappeared… at first you didn’t believe it… but as time went on… and people started talking about base raiding… a long buried hope and a burning obsession started to slowly awaken and then grow within you.  There isn’t anyone to stop you from perusing your dream now… it was time to take the first step…. You stopped going to work, you sold everything you ever owned, you have been practicing 14 hours a day… you have made progress but you have learned that a lot of the books you had read were garbage… you’re having to make up your training regimen as you go along… It’s not at all what you expected, but you will be damned if your going to apologize for your choices.


Adept:  Self Taught Psychic
Background: Collage Dropout
Conviction: Being a villain means you never have to say you’re sorry.
Aspect: I thought something like this might happen…
Aspect: If you are outgunned, gtfu.
Aspect: People like to talk to me.
Aspect: If its public knowledge regarding psi powers or programs, I know about it.
Complication [Major]: Anything to stop this headache
Skills: (25/25)
Great (+4): Psychic Training Regimen (E)
Good (+3): Empathy
Fair (+2): Athletics
Average (+1): Academics, Arcana, Computers, Presence, Shooting

Unique and Strange Skills:

Psychic Training Regimen
Power Tier: Extraordinary (-1 refresh)
Complication [Major]: Anything to stop this headache
Menace + Unusual: I am authority + Psychic, Willpower + Psychic (6), Notice + Psychic (2), Examine + Psychic, Information + Psychic (5)
Cost: 12 skill points (5 trappings, 3 connections, 6 extras, -2 drawback)
Description: Your psychic training is finally paying off.  You had heard that developing psi powers resulted in headaches and you hoped by not using psi drugs that you could avoid them, no such luck.  On the plus side you notice things without looking for them, know things you couldn’t have known.  You can intimidate people psychically by projecting the dread of authority at them and you are exceptionally resistant to mental attacks and intimidation.

Three New Skills

They see me rolling (with superpowers) they hating (so the cops raid me)Super Soldier Serum: Djinn

by Joe Thater

A recent arrival on the super power scene, Djinn is an alchemical ointment that is applied directly to the skin. Commonly it is mixed with henna and tattooed onto the person, leaving behind glowing markings. Relatively cheap as serums go, it gets its name from a unique property of the drug: after three applications, the user’s body builds up a tolerance to the drug, so further applications have no effect. The powers granted by Djinn tend to be permanent, but they are completely random. One use of the drug could grant you Mach 3 flight, while the next could grant you encyclopedic knowledge of cooking. Because there is no guarantee that a dose of Djinn will generate a useful power, the price stays relatively low. Djinn has gained a reputation as a “party power drug,” with college kids using it to get an ability that is relatively harmless. Surely, there is nothing harmful in a little fun…

In 1985, Cerulean battled a powerful genie named Marid whom he barely managed to defeat. Unable to destroy it, Cerulean bound the foe a mile underground in chains made of fourscore by fourscore by fourscore links. Each link would only be broken when the genie granted a wish. Soon after Ragnarok, an intrepid base raider found his way down to the cave and made the first wish: to be obscenely rich. Marid granted his wish by giving the base raider the recipe for Djinn. The truth behind the drug is that it creates a magical sympathetic connection between Marid and the user. Since each user is, in essence, wishing for powers when they use the drug, Marid is blind-granting wishes. The ointment’s magic, however, cannot change the genie’s limit of three wishes per person. Nonetheless, even with this restriction, Marid is rapidly approaching wish 512,000.

Example Djinn power

Dervish (6 skill points)
Power Tier: Superhuman(-2)
Time to gain power: One hour for tattoo application
Snag, Minor: User is effectively blind when traveling more than a mile with Dervish, as the whirlwind raises up too much dust and debris to see. Dodge, Move, Parry, Strike

Description: The user generates a personal whirlwind that surrounds and lifts the user half a foot above the ground. This whirlwind travels at super speeds, can deflect incoming damage, and grants the user the ability to attack either with the buffeting winds or with the debris caught up in the twister.

Way of the Bootlegging Phoenix (Strange, costs 5 skill points)

by RPPR Forums member Teuthic

Power Tier: Superhuman (-2 Refresh)
Power Type: Adept training
Time to gain power: One month of training in the mountains with access to a moonshine distillery
Major Snag: Can’t fight sober
Major Transformation: Student of the Moonshine Phoenix
Dodge, Initiative [Physical], Move + Unusual: Wobbling Flight, Strike + Unusual: Inebriating Strike!, Menace

A secret martial arts style created by North Carolina moonshiners during Prohibition, the Way of the Bootlegging Phoenix was a curious synthesis of alcoholism and animism. By getting mind-blastingly drunk on a special admixture of moonshine (Phoenx Fire), the martial artist learns to commune with one of the four Chinese Symbols, Ling Guang, the Vermilion Bird of the South. With enough training and booze, the student is capable of flight and making a person drunk through touch, and communing with Ling Guang with any form of alcohol. The fighting style fell out of favor when Prohibition ended, and was actively hunted down by the Ideal when they came to prominence. Avalon believed (probably reasonably) such power should not be in the hands of the permanently sauced. Very few bottles of Phoenix Fire still exist, but it’s possible to find a bottle at an abandoned distillery in the mountains or in a base. Just be careful how much you drink, else you’ll go blind.

Demolitions Expert (Unique, costs 4 skill points)

By Garrett Turner

Power Tier: Extraordinary (-1 Refresh)
Minor Snag: Variable may only be used to add + Unusual (Add the “On Fire”, “I CAN”T HEAR YOU!”, “On a timer” or similar explosive related aspects) + Spray or + Zone to the shoot effect.
Minor Snag: Dismantle must be used destructively.
Major Compilation: These “should” be stable…
Charges [Major]: You may only prepare enough explosives to use this skill a number of times equal to its rating per session.
Delay [Minor]: Setting a charge takes an action.
Dismantle + Unusual (Use a charge to not need tools), Information, Networking, Shoot + Unusual + Variable [Session]X3

Description: Through legitimate or illegitimate means you have learned how to make and “relatively” safely use explosive and incendiary devices.  You can use them to blow open doors and other bits of architecture or attack whole groups of combatants. Every session you may determine what kind of explosives you have prepared (modifying them with the variable extra). All explosives already have an unusual extra to represent the incendiary nature of the attack. Variables can be used to select a shaped charge, a fire bomb, a mine, etc.

New Strange Skill: Rust Bucket’s Power Armor

Any power armor is better than no power armorRust Bucket (13)

Power tier: Superhuman (-2 refresh)

Shoot, Notice, Fight: Move + unusual, Physical Force, Stress Cap Health, Resist Damage

Major Focus: Power Armor

Minor Snag: Cannot speak while using this Strange Skill.

Minor Delay: Putting on or removing armor takes 1 full round

Item based power: requires training

Description: The height of technology from Russia in the 1970s, the Dreadnaught Armor was designed to bring the fear of the Hammer and Sickle to the Americans. 10 feet tall and built like a tank, the red armor is seemingly impervious to all but the heaviest of artillery. Only 6 were ever constructed, but one suit fell into the hands of the villain known as Iron Curtain. After a few clashes with the Ideal, the armor was locked away, shuffled from base to base to collect dust. A bit rusty, the suit of armor is still in working order, from the servos and armor plating to the flight rockets and Tesla coil electricity blasters. The biggest downside to the armor is that it is completely voice controlled. Doing anything more complex then walking around means the operator has to focus solely on issuing the verbal commands to the suit, precluding the operator from talking to anyone else.

Thanks to Joe Thater for sending this power in! If you have a fan creation of your own, please send it in to rpprpodcast@gmail.com.