Base Raiders Q and A Part 1

Hi everyone! We just launched last night and we’re already over 20% funded. Thanks! It means a lot that you guys dig the project.

The basic description for the project obviously can’t describe every aspect of the game so some backers have already asked questions to clarify things. I’ll answer them now:

1. From Claive: What made you choose the FATE RPG system over the Wild Talents system?

Answer: I wanted a system where characters could change, add, or subtract their powers easily – that’s a major concept in Base Raiders – and Wild Talents point system is too complex to make that work easily. If you’re a base raider with super strength but you find a way to get flight, that’s much easier to do in FATE than in Wild Talents. I’m basing the Powers system on the one used in the Kerberos Club FATE edition, where powers are treated as skills with trappings.

2. From Andy Antolick: What powers could raiders gain from their exploits? Things such as weather manipulation, alien biomineral armor, freeze rays, and mystical staves?

Answer: Yes. The Powers system will be quite versatile, allowing for innate powers like weather manipulation or equipment based powers like mystical staves.

3. From Andy Antolick: Could there be hundreds of bases, maybe even more?

Answer: Yes. The game will devote an entire chapter explaining why the old heroes and villains needed so many bases and how they were built and hidden. In part, this is because a few super-scientists created modular construction tool kits that made base construction easy for any superhuman. Intelligent robot workers, nano-fabricators that could make any component needed and bleeding edge stealth technology to conceal the base’s presence were all part of the standard tool kit. Both sides got their hands on the tool kits, leading to rampant base construction around the solar system. Of course, other superhumans could build their bases without the aid of the tool kits, using magic or cosmic power.

As for why, both the heroes and villains operated outside of civilization so they could not draw on the infrastructure of society. If they were hurt, they couldn’t go to a hospital. If they needed storage space, they couldn’t rent a warehouse. If they needed lab space or a workshop, they couldn’t rent out existing facilities. They had to make their own infrastructure to support their work and these facilities had to be hidden and protected against law enforcement and their enemies. Many of these superhumans built dozens of bases each, while others only built a single base during their entire career. No one knows how many were built, as each superhuman keep their own secret. At a minimum, there would be several hundred bases scattered around the world. Many of them would be quite small, built for only one purpose but sprawling facilities as large as a city doubtlessly exist…

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