Welcome to Base Raiders!

Superheroes and supervillains have the best hangouts – secret bases, headquarters, fortresses, caves and lairs. These bases are filled with incredible treasures and trophies, guarded by cutting edge traps and guardians. Doesn’t that sound like a dungeon to you? What good is a dungeon if you can’t get your friends and crawl it, looting it of its goodies while overcoming its challenges? It’s no good to anyone, except its actual owner. So, in order to make a great campaign setting of superpowered dungeon crawling, we removed all the previous owners of these bases (obviously by a massive cosmic/crossover event) so you could become a base raider!

Base Raiders is a new setting usable for any role playing game that allows superpowers for player characters. It is based in part on material from the Heroes of New Arcadia, a Wild Talents campaign on the Role Playing Public Radio Actual Play Podcast. The setting was created and written by Ross Payton.

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