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Skill trapping diagram and other PDF handouts!

boost-patches-colorNews: We have a new PDF supplement out! Boost Patches are items commonly found in bases that grant temporary super powers. Some base raiders sell them instead of using them, but they can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. This PDF also contains the adventure seed for the AP The Lost Treasure of the Candy Man!

RPPR listener Leshrac recently uploaded several PDFs to help players and GMs. The first PDF is the skill trapping diagram and skill summary to help build unique and strange skills.

Download Base Raiders Skill Trapping and Summary PDF

The second PDF is a GM screen, filled with useful charts from the game.

Download Base Raiders GM Screen PDF

I’ve exported the list of common skills from the game:

Download Common Skill List PDF

I’ve added the link to the PDFs on the Download page. Enjoy!

Alternate Rules for Power Tiers

ELDER THINGPower tiers can be problematic, especially in high power games with a large number of players. The following rules can be used to simplify using different power tier skills during a game.

Unopposed rolls: A skill with a power tier above mundane always gains better results with a success on an unopposed roll than a mundane skill roll. For example, a scientist with a +4 science skill at mundane tier rolls a +4 for a skill check to analyze a chemical compound learns everything about the chemical. However, a scientist with a +1 science skill at the superhuman tier who rolls a +1 would gain approximately the same amount of info as the mundane scientist. GMs should reward players who use skills at higher power tiers by giving them better results than is normal.

Opposed rolls: A character with a higher power tier making an opposed roll against a lower power tier skill gains a flat +2 bonus per power tier in difference. Both characters still roll 4dF. No d6 dice replace fate dice.  For example, a character with Stealth at superhuman tier gains a +4 bonus on his roll when trying to sneak by a character with mundane Alertness.

New Heroes: Elizabeth Solomon

elizabeth-solomonNow available for sale at our web store and at DrivethruRPG!

Elizabeth Solomon wanted to become a vampire and found her own way after raiding a base, but she’s only just gotten started! Even though she’s undead, she prefers to get her sustenance from her part time job at a blood bank. As a hobby, Elizabeth uses her knowledge of the occult to investigate supernatural mysteries and help heroic base raiders. Of course, vampire hunters don’t see the distinction between her and the other undead, but no one’s life is perfect, right?

This PDF contains a full write up of Elizabeth Solomon as a medium power hero. She can be used as a player character or NPC for any Base Raiders game. It includes her full stats and powers, including using her as a high power hero, and a scenario seed featuring her, vampire hunters, and more!

New Villains: The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge WizardSlang Design is proud to announce New Villains: The Hedge Wizard, our second PDF-only supplement for Base Raiders. Get your copy today!

Product Description: An occult serial killer gains power with each murder, using his victims to fuel dark ritual magic. But, instead of humans, the Hedge Wizard hunts supernatural beings, taking their power as his own. No one knows what drives the dark mage or his ultimate goal. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a danger to humans as well. Someone will have to stop him before he becomes too powerful.

The Hedge Wizard is a new villain for Base Raiders. He is a dangerous foe in battle, using stealth and a powerful enchanted dagger to take down foes before they know what hits them. He can also craft temporary magical items that can provide him with nearly any superpower, making him an incredibly versatile antagonist. He makes an excellent addition to any campaign, as he can fight an entire team of heroes by himself. The Hedge Wizard’s background is simple enough that it can be customized to fit in any existing campaign. Use him as a mastermind or the main henchman of another villain or even just as a single encounter in an abandoned base.

This PDF contains a full write up of the Hedge Wizard. It includes his full stats and powers, his tactics and weaknesses, and a scenario seed featuring the Hedge Wizard as an antagonist. You can buy it at DrivethruRPG or at our web store.