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New Superpowers: Glitched Reality now available!

base-raiders-glitched-reality-cover-drivethru“Did you ever want to save and reload your game but in real life? Here’s how.” A black market dealer to a potential customer in the Underground.

Buy Glitched Reality at the Base Raider Store. Buy it at DrivethruRPG.

Alien artifacts from the Tunguska Exclusion Zone can grant reality warping powers to anyone desperate enough to try them. Many of these powers appear very similar to powers granted in video games. Unlike video games, these powers have a steep price for anyone that uses them:

  • Savescum: Die and reload yourself back into reality. True immortality, but at what cost?
  • Co-op: Summon alternate versions of yourself to fight enemies. Too bad some of your clones might want to kill you.
  • Aimbot: Perfect accuracy with an alien energy weapon, only at the cost of a few fingers.
  • Speedrunning: Solve any problem with inhuman speed, demolishing anything that gets in your path, including friends and allies.
  • Crate: A pre-generated base raider who has found a thousand uses for the common crate.
  • New Adversaries: Full stat writeups for reality glitching adversaries, perfect for any Base Raiders game.

If you need new superpowers, new villains or allies, Glitched Reality is the perfect supplement for you. Meet Co-Op and the Speedrunner in the actual play podcast The Wild Hunt. Crate the hero shows up in the adventure Canon

New Superpowers: Vintage Villainy

Base-Raiders-Vintage-Villainy-cover-drivethruIf you’re looking for new gadgets for players to loot, try out our newest PDF supplement: Vintage Villainy!

Back in the old days, costumed villains didn’t need cybernetic implants or super soldier drugs to rob a bank or beat a masked vigilante. Ray guns and room sized machines filled with vacuum tubes got the job done! These old machines could defy the laws of physics, but were forgotten by 1960, left to rust in abandoned lairs and hideouts. A few grave robbing base raiders have rediscovered the old tech and discovered that these decades-old machines could remotely deactivate vehicles, turn its user invisible, or disintegrate enemies. Soon enough, vintage super-gadgets made an appearance in the black market.

This supplement covers the history of vintage super gadgets, new rules to create them, and 7 new vintage gadgets. It also includes a new strange skill, the Art of Haphazard Fighting, and a new trap, The Labyrinth Lair.