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Skill trapping diagram and other PDF handouts!

boost-patches-colorNews: We have a new PDF supplement out! Boost Patches are items commonly found in bases that grant temporary super powers. Some base raiders sell them instead of using them, but they can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. This PDF also contains the adventure seed for the AP The Lost Treasure of the Candy Man!

RPPR listener Leshrac recently uploaded several PDFs to help players and GMs. The first PDF is the skill trapping diagram and skill summary to help build unique and strange skills.

Download Base Raiders Skill Trapping and Summary PDF

The second PDF is a GM screen, filled with useful charts from the game.

Download Base Raiders GM Screen PDF

I’ve exported the list of common skills from the game:

Download Common Skill List PDF

I’ve added the link to the PDFs on the Download page. Enjoy!