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Boiling Point preview: The Boiler

We have three days left! boiler-webIn this preview, we look at one section of the base. The Boiler served as the home of the hero Hot Water.  This base was constructed using the Ideal’s Build-a-Base system and was designed by Hot Water for his personal use and as a gathering place for Ideal members around the Atlantic Ocean. Hot Water dubbed the facility “The Boiler”. It is a small facility consisting of two major sections joined by a tram system built into the ocean floor. Section One consists of a meeting room, a communications monitoring center, and guest accommodations. Section Two is primary power and the vehicle hangar for any arriving members.
The facility is currently under Selachius control, but only just recently. Their efforts to seize the base have been hampered considerably by the octobots which inhabit the Boiler but increasing numbers have allowed the shark invaders to push in far enough to establish a foothold on the far side of the tram system and take control of the communications hub. The octobots have been scattered, some are still holed up in the hangar, others are hiding in the tram system, and some are in Section One, beyond the communication room.

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Boiling Point Preview: The Hound at the Door

hound-webTake a look at our Kickstarter now! In our fourth preview of Boiling Point, we look at the guardian of the dimensional rift. This spirit is the bound guardian of the Selachius’ rift. It will only be encountered if the players descend into the rift cavern itself or if the players begin attempt to either realign or drop the generator. Defeating it is essential to closing the rift forever.  Thanks to Patsy McDowell for the amazing artwork!

Alien: Guardian Of The Alien Rift
Villainous Past: Bound By Dark Magic
Conviction: Enslaved Ghost Of A Dead World
Complication: No Peace In Death

Spirit of Torment and Vengeance: 20 skill points
Power Tier: Godlike
Dodge + Unusual, Move + Unusual, Strike, Notice, Shooting + Spray, Stealth + Unusual
Snag [Major]: Only work in close proximity to the rift
Description: As a being from beyond the veil of death, the Hound is intangible causing attacks to simply pass through it. Likewise it is not restrained by gravity, flying as it will through open space. Should be desire it can vanish, becoming invisible. Unluckily for others it is able to manipulate the mortal world, imparting kinetic force either from a distance or in close proximity. For all of its power, however, it is bound to the rift and is unable to move more than a short distance away from it. It can only interact with entities in the cavern or in the generator room
Strength of Death: 5 skill points
Power Tier: Godlike
Stress Capacity [Health], Willpower, Environment [Aquatic], Menace, Physical Force
Complication [Minor]: No peace in death
Description: Dark magic binds the Hound together, lending it great strength of will and arm as well as resilience to damage. Though it no longer has its body, it maintains its form and finds the undersea world easy to move about. However this strength isn’t a desired quality: the Hound is enslaved and knows no peace.

Boiling Point Preview: Teeth-Always-Shown, Commander of the Invasion

teeth-webIn this preview, we look at the other leader of the alien invasion force, a powerful warrior named Teeth-Always-Shown. If you want to read more about him, please back our Kickstarter.

Description:  A commander in the Selachius equivalent of the military, Teeth-Always-Shown is a survivor of the previous assault on Earth and still carries the facial burn scars from that battle. The burns removed much of the flesh on the left side of his face, leaving his many rows of teeth exposed and prompting his new name. When the rift began to allow passage once more, he convinced the Council of Spirits to allow him to attempt another invasion of Earth. They only allowed a small expedition until Teeth-Always-Shown could provide evidence that prey and not predators would be found. Teeth has been slowly taking control of the trench and the base. While he is personally convinced Hot Water and other heroes are no more he must provide proof to the council, which is why he is searching for information on Ragnorak. The commander wears an enhanced version of Apex Warrior armor that is adorned on the shoulders by glowing anemones and decorative corals.

Alien: At The Front Of The Pack
Villainous Past: Give Better Than I Was Given
Conviction: A Blood Thirst Is Never Quenched
Conviction: All Battles Are Frenzies
Complication: Prove Myself To The Council

Frenzied Warrior: 20 skill points

Power Tier: Ascendant

Parry, Strike + Spray, Shoot + Unusual, Leap + Unusual, Physical Force, Dodge

Conviction [Major]: All battles are frenzies

Description: In combat Teeth-Always-Shown uses the oldest of combat styles among the Selachius: blind frenzy. He becomes a blur, moving from one enemy to another faster than the eye can follow. He fills the air around him with cuts from his blade and snaps from his jaws, leaving no safe place to stand. The Selachius ancient art of electrical communication becomes a weapon in his hands as he no longer needs a lightning gun to augment his power and can throw electrical bolts on his own. Such is his reverence for this ancient art that he can hardly tell friend from foe while within its haze.

Elite Commander of the Selachius: 15 points

Power Tier: Superhuman

Conversation, Convince, Esteem, Guile, Influence, Information, Insight, Minions, Networking, Stress Capacity [Reputation], Inspire

Complication [Major]: Prove myself to the council

Description: Commanding an invasion force, even a small one, requires management skills. Teeth-Always-Shown has had years to plot his revenge upon the Earth and to hone his leadership skills. Now he is eager to begin but before he can be given greater command he must prove his worth to the Council of Spirits. He faces considerable scrutiny and must tread carefully.


Boiling Point Preview: The Darknet for super powers

A typical post in the Darknet for super powers

A typical post in the Darknet for super powers

In our second preview of Boiling Point, we look at the investigative side of the adventure. In Base Raiders, gone are the days where heroes and villains gain their powers by accident. People who want superpowers can get them over the Internet, using illegal Darknet servers to buy and sell power sources. The most common power sources are super soldier drugs found in abandoned bases. The first part of Boiling Point focuses on this element of the setting. The players discover that a black market dealer knows the location of a hidden base but the FBI is onto him.

Of course, buying super powers from the black market has its own complications. Good thing you can turn to the Darknet for help:


These images are included in Boiling Point as handouts for players to use in their investigation.


Boiling Point Preview: Dressed-In-Bones

dressed-webAs you may know, we have a Kickstarter running for a new adventure for Base Raiders. Boiling Point has investigation, combat, exploration, and traps that will take your group multiple sessions to resolve. It can also be the centerpiece of a campaign, depending on how you want to use it. One important group in the adventure are the Selachius, a race of shark-like warriors from another universe. They’re exploring our world and the player characters will be among the first natives they meet. One of their leaders is Dressed-In-Bones, a powerful shaman.

Dressed-in-bones is a mystic responsible for ensuring that the prey hunted and killed during the coming war is of proper quality and pleasing to the spirits. His skin is jet black except for white and red markings which cover his head and back. Great age is clear from the loose skin and thin frame but a predatory menace hangs in the air about the shark. Though he wears no clothes he is covered by coils and coils of beads made from teeth and bone.

Alien: Shaman Of Alien Spirits
Villainous Past: I Am The Black Shark
Conviction: The Old Ways Are The Best Ways
Conviction:  The Spirits Have Spoken Through Me
Complication: Not So Young Anymore
Conviction: A Predator Of The Mind And Soul
A Shark Willing To Talk

Spirit Shaman

Power Tier: Superhuman

Networking + Unusual + Psychic, Willpower, Guile, Influence, Esteem, Convince, Stress Cap. [Reputation], Stress Cap. [Composure]

Conviction [Major]: The spirits have spoken through me

Description: The ways of spirits are manifold and a shaman must know them all, lest he be swept up and drowned by their power. Dress-in-bones has survived the trials of the spirits since he was young and knows their ins and outs. With his command over the court of the dead mere conversation with the living is of little concern.

An Elder Among Shark Men

Power Tier: Extraordinary

Menace, Inspire, Environment (Underwater), Languages, Information, Notice

Complication [Major]: Not so young anymore

Description: Long studied in his people’s ways and the ways of dozens of crushed species across the multiverse, Dress-in-bones knows surprising things. Little escapes his attention, even if his sight is blurrier than it once was. And should he feel the need he is more than able to inspire fear in those who lack respect for their elders.

Battle Fury of the Black Shark

Power Tier: Superhuman

Strike + Spray, Parry + Unusual, Dexterity, Move, Leap

Charges [Minor] Conviction [Major]: A predator of mind and soul

Description: Undying within all true Selachius is the burning desire to be at the very top, to be unconquered by anyone. Dress-in-bones is old and no longer is the strongest of his kind but his spirit capable of temporary overriding the resistance of his body. For a short time he is able to unleash the fury of a warrior upon his enemies, a blur of speed and cutting savagery. While he will speak calmly in nearly all other situations when he is goaded or derided as weak or lacking in predatory stature the rage can overcome him.